Thank you for checking out my website! My debut novel, You Own Me, is available for free on Kindle Unlimited and the sequel will be out on Dec 10. I’m also working on a standalone dark romance, Elastic Heart, to be released February 2016.

If you’re interested in getting to know me or want more information about my work, feel free to add me on social media or contact me via the contact form on my website. I love talking to people!

My work is “writing you can’t ignore” because I like to tell stories about people who often get cast aside. My romance is dark and sometimes unsettling. l tell stories without sugar coating. At first it tastes bitter, but unlike sugar it doesn’t make you feel sick afterward. Hopefully after reading my work, it sticks with you–but in a good way. Sometimes it’s not pretty, but often times life isn’t pretty.

If this sounds like your type of story, please read my books. If this doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy, you should probably move on.

Thank you again for checking me out!


Mary Catherine




Elastic Heart
Elastic Heart

reviews: 97

ratings: 188 (avg rating 3.77)

You Own Me
You Own Me (Owned #1)

reviews: 76

ratings: 107 (avg rating 3.70)

Let Me Go
Let Me Go (Owned #2)

reviews: 35

ratings: 41 (avg rating 4.37)

Tied (Owned #2.5)

reviews: 18

ratings: 23 (avg rating 4.30)

Come To Me
Come To Me (Owned #3)

ratings: 1 (avg rating 3.00)