You Own Me

Book One in the Owned Series

This is not a story about fairytales.

I expected to be lonely when I dropped everything and ran without telling a soul. I expected to be afraid, hiding from Dean.

What I didn’t expect was Vic.

Like a moth to my blazing destruction, I’m drawn to him.

We’re lust. We’re rage. We might even be love. We’re definitely two people who shouldn’t be together, but we belong together. It’s not long before I’m wondering if Vic could be more twisted than the man I ran away from. Our fire won’t burn forever, but something tells me Vic might revel in the ashes.

I should have known better than to think I stood a chance.

WARNING: This book contains graphic sex, graphic violence, and mental illness. This may be a trigger for some. Proceed with caution.


An idea came to me, completely irrational and at the same time (maybe) brilliant. Without giving Vic time to react, I pulled my shirt up over my head, baring myself completely.

Vic hissed. “Jesus, Lennox.”

I’d never felt so utterly exposed in my entire life. I’d been with so many guys before (really way too many to count), but I’d never cared what they thought. Here I was, putting myself on display for Vic and freaking praying he found me presentable. I wanted him badly, I needed him, and I was basically begging him. I nearly loathed myself for how much control he had over me, but that didn’t change the fact.

I looked away, getting the vibe that he was not into this and I should run and take cover while I still had some dignity.

“Don’t. You. Dare.” Vic grabbed my chin and pulled my eyes to his.

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