Let Me Go

Book Two in the Owned Series

I see something in Eli that he can’t see himself.
He’s brilliant.
He’s compassionate.
And I’d be nothing if it weren’t for him,
so I have to let him go.
It’s for his own good.

Eli sees something in Grace that she can’t see herself.
She’s resilient.
She’s extraordinary.
And he’d be nothing without her.
Eli’s determined to get her back.
It’s for his own good.

Told in the past and present, Let Me Go is the harrowing love story of Grace Wall and Eli Jackson. Beaten and bruised but never knocked down, Eli and Grace are faced with the question: What must you lose to have it all?

Warning: Contains graphic violence and sex. This book may be a trigger as it contains abuse. Let Me Go is book two in the Owned series but can be read as a stand alone.


We entered the big door of the barn, music blasting from speakers I couldn’t see. No one paid us any attention, they were all too drunk or busy with someone to notice. I stared around the building, drinking it all in. Being locked up in my house all the time had made me a collector of experiences. I locked every new moment away in my personal vault, to look back on when I was at home. This party was an especially keen collector’s item.
Eli pulled me against him, breaking my revelry. “Dance with me, Gracie.”
His breath was hot against my ear and my focus blurred. Butterflies became beetles in my stomach. I may be young, but I have to believe this is love. Eli makes everything pink and rosy. He makes me smile through the bruises on my face.
I shook my head against his chest.
“You know I don’t dance.”
“I don’t either. It’s perfect!”
Before I could protest, Eli swung me in to his arms and swung me back out. He had me swinging all over the floor, carrying me to the tune. A laugh bubbled out of me as we spun around the barn. We were moving so fast that people blurred together with the yellow lights. I was thrilled, breathing fast, and completely in synch with Eli. Our heartbeats pounded so loud I could barely hear the music.

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