How to Report a Pirate and Get Them Taken Down for Good (or at least longer than a month).

Helllo! so I’m writing this post because I realized some people might not know how to do this. This, I think, is a better way to do DMCA takedown claims than going through the website owner.

Anywho, let’s get started.

Step One: Find the Registrar

The registrar is the person providing the website name, like Godaddy. These people sometimes also provide the hosting space, but not always.

Go to or and enter in the website that has illegally put up your ebook.

It should look something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 5.39.07 PM

Step Two: Contact the Registrar

Most registrars have specific emails to contact if you have copyright complaints (like abuse@ or copyright@)

GoDaddy is a popular one so here’s their email:

IF you can’t find the specific email, or they don’t have one, then email their customer service with your copyright claim (google sample DMCA takedown for a good one), they will forward it to the proper person. Assuming you have enough evidence, the registrar will suspend the website until they’ve taken down the offending material (I.E your copyrighted ebook).

Step Three

Wait. Wait a few days (no longer than a week) and if you haven’t heard back, do it again. Using this method I haven’t had to email again, though, as opposed to contacting the website owner, where they generally ignore me. With this method I’ve had a few websites suspended as well.



I’ve never had to do this, because contacting the registrar always works for me. I’m not sure about these websites because unlike WHOIS, which is a widely used database, I just googled these two second ago.

But if you need to, here are some I found.

note: When I used the test website I got three different hosts but when I did my website, I got Bluehost (my host) each time, so I don’t know, maybe the test website uses a lot of different hosts.

STEP 2 & 3 will be the same. Except instead of contacting the registrar, you’re contacting the host.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: If a registrar or host receives enough complaints about a particular website, they will most likely revoke it from the owner. If you go through the website owner, they’re probably just going to put your ebook back up in a few weeks/months.

Your last resort should be contacting the website owner, because those guys have already proven they’re douchecabobs.

Hope this helps!!


Mary Catherine

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