Beauty: A Hate Story, The End

Book Two in the Hate Story Duet

Once upon a time, I thought love was a fairytale.

My prince was a Beast with blood on his hands and ice in his veins. My family offered to save me. The only price: leaving the tattered pieces of my heart behind.

Our love was irrational. Cruel. Unforgiving. Nothing like the storybooks said it should be—but it was perfect.

The longer we were apart, the more I lost myself. He was vicious and domineering, but I craved the submission. Together we were destructive, but I was addicted to the devastation. Still, I thought titles mattered. To my family I was princess, and to the Beast I was slave. I was too naïve to understand that even though he’d been my captor, he’d broken the shackles on my soul.

Once upon a time, I thought love meant happily ever after.

Now I know better.

Beauty is the final book in the Hate Story duet. About what it means to fall in love with the person who has absolutely destroyed you, it contains disturbing and graphic situations that may be a trigger for some.


“I hate what you’ve turned me into,” I said. Lifting his head, Anteros pressed his lips to mine but it was hardly a kiss. Biting and sucking, ferocious and violent, he punished me with the embrace. I tilted my chin, gave him my tongue, my lips, my breath, needing more. 

“You don’t hate anything,” he said between his teeth, dragging my lip between them. “You love all of this you fucking liar. You revel in it. This is you to your very marrow, a need so deep it echoes.


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