Happy Valentine's Day Beast Bonus Extended Scene I’m sooo thankful for you so here’s a BONUS extended scene from Beast to keep you warm this V-Day. You'll probably recognize this scene from the book! It's an alternate reality, a what-could-have-been. I sent this out to everyone who preordered Beast, the difference is they received hand-selected erotic gifs and images interspersed ... Read the Post

I have an opinion twirling in my gut. Like a ballerina on meth, it's been gnawing on me for awhile. See, I fell in love with romance before I was taught what to think. The butterflies of a first kiss, the gut wrenching agony of two people who should be together but can’t, captivated me. It was raw. To me, life without love was hollow, and romance echoed that feeling. Then I was taught romance ... Read the Post

How to Report a Pirate and Get Them Taken Down for Good (or at least longer than a month).

Helllo! so I'm writing this post because I realized some people might not know how to do this. This, I think, is a better way to do DMCA takedown claims than going through the website owner. Anywho, let's get started. Step One: Find the Registrar The registrar is the person providing the website name, like Godaddy. These people sometimes also provide the hosting space, but not ... Read the Post