Book 2.5 in the Owned Series

Charlie is a sick bastard.
He likes to kill and he’s made his fortune doing it.
Years ago he nearly died losing his leg, falling into one debt money couldn’t erase.
Now when the debt collector calls, Charlie doesn’t expect it to bring him to his knees.
It was supposed to be a quick in and out job: retrieve the girl and return to his life.
But there’s something about Vera that has him tied.

Vera’s been kidnapped.
Tortured and abused more times than she can count, she fully believes she’s going to die in her cement prison.
She has no idea what to expect when Charlie shows up to save her, but she quickly discovers he’s no angel.
There’s a dark side to Charlie that instead of igniting fear, makes Vera want to turn off the lights and see what lurks inside.
They both know that if they keep playing with fire, one of them is going to get burned. What Charlie soon learns is Vera isn’t playing with fire.
Vera is fire.

Warning: Contains graphic violence and sex. Has situations that may be a trigger for some.


I hadn’t been able to get Vera out of my mind since taking her home. What was supposed to be a one-day job had turned into a two-week long excursion. It wasn’t the ethics I was worried about. My ethics had been fucked the moment I sold my soul to the gun.

It was Vera.

Vera was more than a fucktoy I could use and throw back. She was burrowing her way inside of me, and I was letting her. She’d shown me herself unclothed and raw. Not just without clothing, but without her armor. I knew I was fucked. There was no way I was sending Vera home. She was mine, dammit.

To take her, though? To fuck her after what that skinhead asshole had done to her? I might be degraded, but I wasn’t completely soulless. Not yet, anyway. I made sure to keep my distance. I set boundaries. But now, now she broke them down with just one single sentence.

“I want you to punish me,” Vera said—no, practically begged me. She looked up at me, her eyes puppy dog brown, her lip caught between her teeth.

Fuck it, I’m going to hell anyway. Might as well enjoy the ride.

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