Come To Me

Book Three in the Owned Series

What happens after the happily ever after?
Is it really sunshine and roses?
For Vic Wall, the moon is rising and the roses are wilting.
Turns out the princess has a mental illness.

Lennox Moore is in his blood and bones,
But sometimes blood goes bad and bones break.
Vic wants to fix them,
Is determined to find what turned their love cancer.
Yet maybe the only way to continue,
Is to end.

This is the epic final installment to the Owned series.

Warning: Sometimes people are ugly and what they do even uglier, even to the ones they love.

“Fantastic series.”~ 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer
“Couldn’t stop once I started.” ~ 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer
“An epic conclusion to the Owned series.” ~ OKbook Hoarder
“Their story was a shot of adrenaline and I was addicted!” ~ Aaly and the Books


I remembered reading something about people who raise horses, that there are two kinds: the ones who breed them, and the ones who tame the wild ones. The ones who tame the wild ones can’t even imagine breeding them, because there’s a certain magic that’s lost.

I got that. Watching Lenny completely slack and cave to me was a high. I would never tame her—you can’t really tame a wild thing—but there were moments like this. Her wild words fell from her lips, her coiled body loosened, and she waited for me, her master, to give her her next command.

“Are you ready?” I whispered, taking her earlobe between my teeth.

“Yes,” she gasped.

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